martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Space Trip

This is the Brightness Dawn collection by Setareh Mohtarez, I couldn't find more information about her but I know i'm completely crazy about this dresses. I really love looking at pictures of the milky way and far far away galaxies so imagine how amazed i was when I first saw this artful collection, completely made out of space snapshots. A cosmic love at first sight! And the contrasting colors of the platform heels... just perfect.
Which one is your favorite? I can't choose only one!

I want to thank Becca for giving me a Sunshine Award! :)

These are my picks:

-SquishingMushrooms not only for awarded me but for giving me such a warm welcome to the blogger community

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5 comentarios:

  1. thank you so so much my first award! I'm speechless, thank you. xx

  2. The collection has an air of McQueen.. I like the first dress.
    Are you Chilean by the way??

    Cheers, Chio

  3. Really beautiful! I kinda wanna wear the second one for prom haha!

    You commented on blog, too, with interest in how I got the be honest, I copied and pasted a template! I really wish i could figure out how to get my own artwork up like some people have...

  4. I love the second one down - they're all beautiful but i love the shape of the second - i love your blog by the way!